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Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (born 22 April 1982), commonly known as Kaká, is a brazilian football midfielder who currently plays for Sao Paulo FC.
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Goiás 2x1 São Paulo

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Kaka + emoji
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Kaka with his wife (July 24, 2014).

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Your smile makes me happy

[2] Kaka

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Bem-Vindo de volta, Kaká!

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In this stadium [Maracanã] I have gone through many exciting moments in football, in my personal life, in my career. One of them was in 2007 when I scored a goal here for the Brazil team and the entire crowd started to sing: “He’s the best in the world”. To me that was such a thrilling moment, scoring a goal at the Maracanã and seeing the entire brazilian crowd singing at the moment that I was the best player in the world, shortly after that I won the player of the year at the end of 2007. It was very exciting… [x]

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